Zoomer Interactive Puppy, Bailey


You can purchase Bailey at walmart.com

It’s Bailey the interactive dog! He is Zoomer’s best friend, and he is just as good at learning tricks as Zoomer! Bailey is a great new friend that will make any kid happy! Bailey is easy to train, fun to play with, and a toy that any kid will fall in love with! Bailey acts like a real dog! You can teach him tricks, or you can let him roam freely around your house. But the best part about Bailey is that he acts like a real dog, but he isn’t as messy as real dog. He may pretend to pee on your carpet or furniture, but really he is just lifting up his leg! So, your kids can have all the amazing pros of a dog without having to clean up after it. Bailey is fun, energetic, and looking for a new home. You can purchase Bailey the Interactive puppy at Wal-Mart for $99.97 (price may vary).

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