Zoomer Dino


You can purchase Boomer at walmart.com

Is it a plain? Or maybe it’s a train? Or could it be a green stain on the wall? Well it is none of the above. Actually, it could be a plain because it’s fast. It certainly could be mistaken for a train because it has wheels on its feet. And, it is definitely colored green. So, what exactly am I talking about?

I am talking about the Zoomer Dino toy! This ferocious beast will certainly catch the eye of any young Dino lovers. Zoomer Dino aka Boomer is a beast that only the best of the best can tame. You can use a remote to control his sounds, movements, and Dino-sensing abilities. But, don’t get too close to Boomer because just like any real Dinosaur he can get really angry! Once Boomer is angry he will spin around, chomp down on his massive jaws, and roar as loud as he possibly can. When Boomer goes crazy you are the only one who can contain this beast. You can either use the remote that comes with Boomer, or you can use your hand to interact with him, and calm him down. Boomer the Dino is up and running, but with your skills and talent Boomer will listen to your every command! You can purchase Boomer at Wal-Mart for $89.97 (price may vary).

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