DC Comics New 52 Teen Titans Wonder Girl Action Figure


Available on Walmart.com for $24.99

Bring home the adventures of the Teen Titans clan with this Wonder Girl action figure. Wonder girl, and her friends Superboy, and Kid Flash (sold separately) are ready to save the day with your help. With Wonder Girl you can recreate your favorite scenes from the Teen Titans shows and films, or imagine some more adventures for her to embark on.

Wonder Girl wears an outfit, based on the designs by comic artist Brett Booth. She wears a black skin-tight suit with gold accents, and golden boots, with a pink, strappy belt around her waist. Wonder girl is generously articulated so you can pose her in different fighting stances to prepare her to any battle. Help her and the Teen Titans save the day! Available on Walmart.com.

For ages 8 and up

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