LeapFrog LeapTV


If you thought that LeapFrog could not get any more innovative, or creative with any of their products then you should think again because the LeapTV combines educational games with console style play. You can either hook up the TV-mountable camera that will allow for hands free gameplay, or you can use the Bluetooth controller with a mini joystick to control your game. With the TV-mountable camera your kids can get up and participate in hundreds of different games to get them active and learning. As usual LeapFrog turns some of the most boring school subjects, or sports and turns them into a fun learning experience for your kids. Your kids can run, jump, kick, scuba dive, and even karate chop their way to success. Once your kids have used up all of their energy they can sit back and use the controller to play other games. You can use the controller as an ordinary controller with joystick and button controls, or you can turn it into a pointer and use it like you would use a Wii remote. If you’re a parent who enjoys whatching your kids have fun, but also want them to learn something new then the LeapFrog LeapTV is perfect for your kids. The console comes with 16GB of storage, is for kids ages three to eight, and will cost around $150. The LeapTV is also scheduled to be released in time for the holiday season.

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