LEGO Ultra Agents Tremor Track Infiltration


You can purchase the LEGO Ultra Agents Tremor Track Infiltration play set at

Bang, bang, bang! Here comes Tremor, the iron-fisted villain, and his armored track vehicle. He is here to smash the database and steal the ultra chip. Luckily, Agent Jack Fury is here to take the ultra chip before tremor can, but even with the ultra chip safely in your hands you will still need to dodge Tremor’s armored track vehicle. Tremor’s track vehicle has flick fire missiles and two power-punching fists. These punching arms can easily destroy any LEGO wall, and topple over any obstacle that stands before it. Will Agent Fury make it out alive with the chip safely in his possession? Or will Tremor and his machine of destruction best Agent Fury? You can decide in the new LEGO Ultra Agents Tremor Track Infiltration!

This play set comes with 241 LEGO pieces, is for kids’ ages 7 – 12, and is $19.99 MSRP.

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