LEGO City Arctic Base Camp


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Summer is here, but that doesn’t mean you should abandon all of the winter related toys! Lego has created a new line up of arctic vehicles that are fun to play with and extremely unique. You can collect them all to create your own team of artic LEGOs!

It’s the ultimate LEGO Artic play set. It is the only reason that you and your team can explore the rough terrains of the artic without getting lost. The LEGO City Arctic Base Camp has all the tools and accessories that you and your team could possibly need to explore the arctic. This play set has a laboratory for close examination of the ice that you bring back, a conveyor belt for moving the ice blocks, a scooter, a husky sled, a tracked vehicle, a helicopter and more! There are endless possibilities with the Arctic Base Camp because there are so many different tasks that need to be finished before the camp can shut down, and the LEGO minifigures can go to sleep. So what are you waiting for? The Arctic and all of its wonders are calling you to come and explore this mysterious terrain!

The LEGO City Arctic Base Camp is for kids’ ages 6 – 12, comes with 735 LEGO pieces, and is $89.99 MSRP.

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