LEGO City Arctic Outpost


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Summer is here, but that doesn’t mean you should abandon all of the winter related toys! Lego has created a new line up of arctic vehicles that are fun to play with and extremely unique. You can collect them all to create your own team of artic LEGOs!

Drive out into the cold with the LEGO City Arctic Outpost. This outpost comes equipped with 3 Arctic explorer minifigures, a mobile laboratory, a truck, some accessories and more! You can uncover the secrets of the ice by taking the ice blocks you collect for examination in the laboratory. Once you have completed your mission you can use the truck to drive around the laboratory to other spots in the arctic, or you can drive it back to your base camp for refueling. The Arctic produces a very harsh and unforgiving environment, but with the LEGO City Arctic Outpost you can muscle through even the toughest of snowstorms!

The LEGO City Arctic Outpost is for kids’ ages 5 – 12, comes with 374 LEGO pieces, and is $49.99 MSRP.

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