LEGO Chima The Croc Swamp Hideout


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A rescue mission is under way. The Lions of the LEGO Chima universe are here to save Leonidas at the Croc Swamp Hideout. But you are going to need to be extremely careful when approaching the gates because the hideout is armed to the teeth with weapons. First there is a falling croc-jaw gate. This gate can easily crush any clumsy intruder trying to sneak by. Then you have to be careful of the rapid-fire flick shooters. These deadly machines can spit out tons of missiles at our in coming heroes. Finally, you will need to watch out for the crocodiles and their nasty weapons. Will the LEGO Chima heroes be able to save Leonidas, or will the crocs be able to keep him prisoner until they have conquered the entire LEGO Chima universe?

This play set is for kids ages 8 – 14, comes with 647 LEGO pieces, and is $69.99 MSRP.

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