Click & Count Remote


Available on for $9.96

This remote controller looks just like any other, except it doesn’t change the television channel, it helps teach your child numbers and more! With over 45 sing-along-songs, melodies, sound effects and phrases, your child will have fun while learning, without even knowing it.

They can pretend to channel surf through 9 different channels, with each of the 10 colorful buttons (0-9) helping to introduce to them not just the numbers, but colors, and shapes as well. As well, the up and down volume button helps to introduce your child to the concept of opposites. The remote also features a record and play back button that helps to teach shapes and phrases like “Breaking News” offers an introduction to real-life experiences. Lastly there is a parent friendly automatic shut off and volume control option. Available on

For ages 6months- 3 years

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