LEGO City Arctic Snowmobile


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Summer is here, but that doesn’t mean you should abandon all of the winter related toys! Lego has created a new line up of arctic vehicles that are fun to play with and extremely unique. You can collect them all to create your own team of arctic LEGOs!

In the new arctic themed LEGO series you will find tons of different vehicles and minifigures that are prepared for the harsh weather that the arctic contains. The LEGO City Arctic Snowmobile features a very common snow vehicle that anyone will love. The Snowmobile is fast, agile, and very effective in snow. Because of its aerodynamic build you can take your Arctic Snowmobile and speed it across the cold arctic, LEGO, surface. But be careful not to run into any ice craters or snow hills! With the new LEGO City Arctic Snowmobile you can help move large chunks of ice quickly and effectively, so what are you waiting for because summer is not gong to last forever!

The LEGO City Arctic Snowmobile is for kids’ ages 5 – 12, comes with 44 LEGO pieces, and is $6.99 MSRP.

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