DreamWorks Dragons, How to Train Your Dragon 2 Hookfang Power Dragon


Available on Amazon.com for $12.99

Hookfang Power Dragon is ready to head into battle. This 11 inch long action dragon is compatible with any 3 inch tall Viking action figure (sold separately) to make the perfect battle fighting duo. This dragon has more to him them just his fierce looks, but also a secret flame wing attack. Just pull Hookfangs’s tail to unleash his secret flame wing action to scare away his enemies.

Choose from Hookfang, and his other dragon friends such as Monstrous Nightmare, Deadly Nadder, and many more to create the ultimate dragon fighting team. Recreate your favorite scenes from the movie, or imagine some more of your own. Whatever the case, Hookfang is ready to fight in the battle. Available on Amazon.com.

For ages 4-9 years

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