LEGO Mixels Tentro


You can purchase the LEGO Mixels Tentro at

You can also purchase the LEGO Mixels Tentro at

When it comes to mixing and matching the LEGO Mixels are the best of the best! These cute and creative little critters can mix themselves up into a whole new LEGO creature that is no longer cute, but a ferocious and united LEGO monster!

Tentro is one of the most powerful Flexer Tribe memebrs. Tentro has the ability to suck in Nixels with his super long tentacles, or he can out smart his opponenets with the power of his mind. Both smart and powerful Tentro is an opponent that all Nixels fear. But what Tentro lacks in is his self-confidence. This may be a major set back on the battlefield because he will not make any hasty moves, or do something that he is not comfortable with. Even though Tentro may have confidence issues he can still kick some Nixel butt as long as you are by his side on the battlefield!

Tentro is for kids’ ages 6+, comes with 69 LEGO pieces, and is $4.99 MSRP

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