Ever After High Hat-Tastic Briar Beauty Doll


Available on Amazon.com for $39.15

Briar Beauty is ready to attend Maddie’s Hat-Tastic tea party in her fashionable outfit. Her mainly pink mini dress is detailed with a rose and thorn polka dot print. Her layered skirt and black mesh tights add cute details to her entire outfit. She also wears a rose detailed hat that sits perfectly on the top of her head and carries with her a cute teal crocheted purse. Her pink and black heels match her outfit, along with her pretty black gloves that make her look super regal. She comes with a personalized rose tea set with adorable green leaf accents, that would make a great addition to Maddie’s Hat-Tastic party. Collect all of the Ever After High Hat-Tastic Dolls to create a fun party. Available on Amazon.com.

For ages 6-15 years

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