LEGO Mixels Jawg


You can purchase the LEGO Mixels Jawg at

You can also purchase the LEGO Mixels Jawg at

When it comes to mixing and matching the LEGO Mixels are the best of the best! These cute and creative little critters can mix themselves up into a whole new LEGO creature that is no longer cute, but a ferocious and united LEGO monster!

Jawg is one of the new series two Mixels that any kid will love! Jawg kind of sounds like dog and ironically Jawg acts just like a dog! He is loyal, energetic, and has an appetite for anything. There is a reason that he is the leader of the Fang Gang tribe. Beware because Jawg is coming to take a big bite out of the Nixel intruders!

Jawg is for kids’ ages 6+, comes with 61 LEGO pieces, and is $4.99 MSRP.

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