LEGO Mixels Lunk


You can purchase the LEGO Mixels Lunk at

You can also purchase the LEGO Mixels Lunk at

When it comes to mixing and matching the LEGO Mixels are the best of the best! These creative little critters can mix themselves up into a whole new LEGO creature that is no longer cute, but ferocious and united!

It seems like being lazy runs in the Frosticons tribe because the Mixel Lunk is the laziest of the lazy! He even makes the other tribe members look active! Even though this lazy beast seems harmless it actually carries a secret super power! Lunk has the ability to instantly freeze its opponents with just one sneeze. So, you better watch out because Lunk is no ordinary Mixel! With a super hard exoskeleton, and the ability to freeze enemies Lunk is a force to be reckoned with. Lunk is for kids’ ages 6+, comes with 51 LEGO pieces, and is $4.99 MSRP.

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