LEGO Mixels Flurr


You can purchase the LEGO Mixels Flurr at

You can also purchase the LEGO Mixels Flurr at

When it comes to mixing and matching the LEGO Mixels are the best of the best! These cute and creative little critters can mix themselves up into a whole new LEGO creature that is no longer cute, but a ferocious and united LEGO monster!

The super curious, super active, and super special Mixels Flurr is the leader of the Frosticon village. Flurr’s constant need for exploration, and his lack of sleepiness, compared to the rest of his tribe, makes him the perfect candidate for leading his people and keeping them safe from Nixels. But even though Flurr might seem as if he is 100% capable of leading the Frosticon tribe he can sometimes forget, or fail to spot some lingering Nixels. With your help Flurr can keep his village safe and protect his people from the evil Nixels!

Flurr is for kids’ ages 6+, comes with 46 LEGO pieces, and is $4.99MSRP.

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