LEGO Mixels Chomly


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When it comes to mixing and matching the LEGO Mixels are the best of the best! These cute and creative little critters can mix themselves up into a whole new LEGO creature that is no longer cute, but a ferocious and united LEGO monster!

With a huge appetite, super smelly breath, and a very large bite Chomly is a Mixel that all Nixels should fear! Chomly comes from the hungry Fang Gang tribe. This tribe is filled with Mixels who are always looking for something to eat. In fact Chomly eats so much that he once lost his tooth because he ate too much food! Now he has a golden replacement tooth which still gets the job done pretty well. Eating, eating, and more eating that is the life of Chomly the Mixel!

Chomly is for kids’ ages 6+, comes with 68 LEGO pieces, and is $4.99 MSRP.

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