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Have you ever wanted an interactive robot of your own? If you said yes to the previous question then WowWee would be happy to introduce to you the Mip interactive robot. When you purchase your Mip robot the box contains one Mip robot black or white, instructions in multiple languages, a quick start guide, a stand, and a carrying tray. This robot is no ordinary toy. Mip has tons of different features that really make him a special toy that your kids can easily connect with. Mip has different settings that will make him act differently in his environment, and to indicate whether or not Mip has changed settings you can look at his belly. When you change the mode/settings on Mip his belly will change to a certain color. You can also control Mip through any Bluetooth device (as long as that device has the Mip app)!

So, first lets start off with Mip’s different modes/settings. To change Mip’s modes/settings you will need to rotate either of his wheels clockwise or counter-clockwise. You can tell that Mip is changing modes because his belly will begin to light up different colors (blue is default, pink is stacking, white is cage, red is tricks, yellow is roaming, turquoise is dancing, and orange is tracking). All of these settings can easily be rotated to whatever setting you’d like. But how does Mip preform all of these modes/settings without running into certain objects in his environment? Easy! Mip has sensors in his head that will let him know if there is an object in the way. Not only can you use objects to get Mip to stop or go, but you can use your hands as well! With certain motions of the hand Mip will move forwards, backwards, or side to side. These hand gestures are easy to use on Mip because his sensors work perfectly!

Next, and my personal favorite, is Mip’s ability to be controlled through a Bluetooth device. The Mip App has tons of different settings that you can rotate through. First you have the drive setting. Basically, you just control Mip with the joysticks on the Bluetooth device. Next we have the Cans setting. In this setting you can take a bunch of different cans and drop them into the Mip head on the screen. These cans contain different emotions that your actual Mip will imitate. You can make your Mip happy, sad, angry, etc. Another setting on the Mip app is the dance setting. This is my favorite setting because on the dance setting you can play your favorite songs and Mip will dance along! Other settings on the Mip app include the battle setting, boxing setting, path setting, and stack setting.

Overall, Mip is a fantastic robot. His sensors work without hesitation and all of the different settings make him one of the most unique and playable toys that I’ve ever seen. But the fun doesn’t end with Mip’s normal settings. You can switch over to a Bluetooth device and watch as Mip turns from an ordinary free roaming robot to an awesome self controlled robot! The Mip robot is for kid’s ages 8+, and is $99.99 MSRP.

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