LEGO Juniors Digger Play Set


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Are your kids ready for the next big step in the LEGO universe? If your kids are too big for the LEGO Duplo play sets, but you don’t think they are ready for ordinary LEGO pieces then the LEGO Juniors play sets are perfect! These LEGO sets come with LEGO pieces very similar to any ordinary LEGO piece, but they are slightly easier to use.

The LEGO Juniors Digger play set is perfect for those creative young builders! The play set comes with 75 LEGO pieces, is for kids’ ages 4 – 7, and is $9.99 MSRP. With the LEGO Juniors Digger play set your kids can use their imagination and creativity to build what the want, and create the scenes that they want. Your kids can pretend to fix the broken water pipe, or they can pretend to move the heavy LEGO blocks out of the way! There are tons of different scenarios your kids can create with the new LEGO Juniors Digger play set.

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