LEGO Minecraft Micro World – The End


Your LEGO Minecraft adventures now include The End, a dimension that lacks day and night. In this LEGO Minecraft Micro World -The End ($34.99 on playset, you can travel to a desolate world that exists within the Void. But don’t be fooled by the bleakness of The End because this micro world is inhabited not only by the Endermen but also by the fearsome Ender Dragon. Do you have what it takes to destroy the Ender Crystals that keep the Ender Dragon alive and fend off the Endermen’s attacks?

The LEGO Minecraft Micro World -The End set comes with the Ender Dragon and four Enderman Micromob figures. All of the creatures that inhabit The End are black in color while the landscape is filled with neutral colors of grey and beige. There are black Obsidian pillars with purple crystals that surround the micro world.

With this LEGO playset, you can split the micro world into four sections for a completely different experience. The wonderful thing about these LEGO Minecraft playsets is that you can combine them with other sets in the series to create an even larger LEGO Minecraft world.

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