LEGO Duplo Creative Picnic


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If your kids are slowly becoming more interested in building blocks then you should think about getting them a LEGO Duplo playset. LEGO Duplo playsets are just like any ordinary Lego set except instead of ordinary Legos they use larger LEGO pieces. This makes it easier for your kids to grab, build, and play with any of the LEGO Duplo sets.

Summer is here which means that it is time to get out and play! The LEGO Duplo Creative Picnic is a great way for your kids to get out of the house and start up their own picnic! Your kids can use their imagination to start up the best picnic in the neighborhood. The playset comes with 52 LEGO pieces, is for kids’ ages 1 & 1/2 – 5, and is $24.99 MSRP. Each picnic comes with sandwiches, fruit, and milk. All of these foods are the perfect picnic food for your kids because they are healthy and tasty! Summer is here which means that it is time to roll out the picnic blankets and start up your own picnic!

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