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Dreamworks Dragons Defenders of Berk – Action Dragon Figure – Scauldron


Available on for $18.39

This action dragon figure is ready to blast away his enemies. Scauldron is an 11 inch long action dragon figure that can be combined with any 3 inch Viking figure (sold separately) so make the perfect battle duo. Choose from dragons like Toothless, Monstrous Nightmare, Deadly Nadder, and many more and learn how to train your own dragon.

Scauldron features a water burst attack that will blow away any of his foes. As well his wings are moveable with a simple push of a button and can be articulated in numerous different positions for continuous fighting fun. Recreate your favorite scenes from the “How to Train Your Dragon” movie, and even create some more of your own. Whatever it is, this fearless dragon is ready to fight by your side. Available on

For ages 4-9 years


Disney Planes: Fire & Rescue Oversized Windlifter Vehicle


Available on for $9.97

Based on Disney’s Plane: Fire and Rescue film this Windlifter Vehicle is ready to get in on the action and help save the day. This Windlifter plane looks authentic to the die-cast vehicle in the film. The propellers can spin and actually move for even more real flying fun. As well, this vehicle has a universal connector on its belly that allows you to connect and add other play sets or track sets for continued fun.

Collect the other die-cast vehicles such as Windlifter, Blade Ranger, Ryker, and Lil’ Dipper to expand the group. Like Windlifter each comes with their own special feature that distinguishes them from the rest of the planes. Collect them all to find out what each of these special features are and recreate some of your favorite scenes form the movie. Available on

For ages 3-10 years


Ever After High Hat-Tastic Cerise Hood Doll


Available on for $45.99

Cerise Hood is ready, and dressed to attend Maddie’s Hat-Tastic tea party. She’s dressed mainly in red in a cute mini dress. Her plaid peplum dress includes a nature-inspired print, and black rouched sleeves. She also wears adorable black, lace-up booties and black gloves. Cerise also wears a fashionable golden mini hat that sits perfectly on the side of her head. She comes with a personalized tea set inspired by a picnic basket, that can add to Maddie’s tea party. Other details to her outfit, like her red cape and black and red purse will allow her to beautifully stand out in a crowd. Help get Cerise and the other Ever After High dolls (sold separately) to Maddie’s party. Available on

For ages 6-15 years


Ever After High Hat-Tastic Briar Beauty Doll


Available on for $39.15

Briar Beauty is ready to attend Maddie’s Hat-Tastic tea party in her fashionable outfit. Her mainly pink mini dress is detailed with a rose and thorn polka dot print. Her layered skirt and black mesh tights add cute details to her entire outfit. She also wears a rose detailed hat that sits perfectly on the top of her head and carries with her a cute teal crocheted purse. Her pink and black heels match her outfit, along with her pretty black gloves that make her look super regal. She comes with a personalized rose tea set with adorable green leaf accents, that would make a great addition to Maddie’s Hat-Tastic party. Collect all of the Ever After High Hat-Tastic Dolls to create a fun party. Available on

For ages 6-15 years


Ever After High Hat-Tastic Apple White Doll


Available on for $39.99

Apple White from the Ever After High Dolls is dressed to impress and ready to attend Maddie’s tea party. Apple White is dressed in a cute mini dress with a tea party-and-cupcake inspired print on her skirt, while the top of her dress is detailed with black lace. She also wears a black and red headband, strappy white platforms, with a golden heel, and black gloves. Apple White also carries a cute pink purse and comes to the party prepared with her own personalized tea set inspired by red apples and golden crowns. Her outfit is sure to wow the party. Collect all of her other friends (sold separately) to really make this tea party fun. Available on

For ages 6-15 years


EzyRoller Ultimate Riding Machine – Blue


Available on for $96.99

Get outside and get active with the EzyRoller Ultimate Riding Machine, in blue. This EzyRoller is easy to put together and can be ready to ride in less than 5 minutes. Each EzyRoller comes with an extendable bar that you can replace so this riding machine can continue growing with its rider. The EzyRoller’s hand free, and low to the ground structure makes it easy and fun to ride, yet stable and safe to use. EzyRoller is a fun alternative to the bike, scooter, and rollerblades. Collect EzyRoller’s in different colors and race them with your friends. Available on


Gymnic / Oppy Free Handle Hop Ball


Available on for $33.55

Let your kids get active with this Gymnic/Oppy Free Handle Hop Ball. This red bouncy ball is a great way for your kids to practice their balance and coordination in a fun way that also gets them to be active. This Hop Ball is made from soft, yet strong and durable, latex-free, BPA-free, and phthalate-free material. This Hop ball can be used on any smooth, or safe surface, whether that is indoors or outdoors. Purchase a few of these for your kids, or purchase the Hop Ball in different colors and let them enjoy racing one another, bouncing their way to the finish line. Choose from blue, red, metallic, green, tie-dyed and more. Available on

For ages 8 years and up


Barbie Ballerina Doll


Available on for $7.88

Dance your heart away with this Barbie Ballerina Doll. This pretty doll wears a gem-inspired bodice that features a colors fading from pink to light blue to give an ombre look. This ballerina Barbie also wears pointe shoes that add beautifully to her overall ballerina look and a gorgrous light blue crown that adds a princess like touch. You can switch the bodice of her ballerina outfit with other OPP princess, mermaid, or fairy dolls (each sold separately) to mix and match the fun looks of the Barbie dolls. With your help, this doll can pose in different ballerina stances and dance all night long. Available on

For ages 3 years and up


Barbie Look Pink Gown Doll


Available on for $19.97

Barbie is ready for a fancy night out. She looks glamorous in a fitted, long pink gown that’s belted in the middle. The top of her dress is almost a peplum style, while the bottom flares out to the floor. This one shoulder gown is perfect for any fancy event, whether it be a ball, a date night, or a red carpet event, but whatever it is that you decide, Barbie will steal the show with her fabulous fashion sense. She also wears sparkling accessories such as silver earrings and a bracelet that add to her overall look. She holds a pretty pink purse and wears her hair, in a simple, yet stylish style that drapes down one side of her shoulders. Get ready to wow the crowd with this beautiful doll. Available on

For ages 14 years and up.


Mini Lalaloopsy Doll – Mari Golden Petals


Available on for $6.97

Mari Golden Petals was born on October 1st, and was named after the birth flower of October, Marigold. Her personality comes from the very fabrics she was brought to life from. Mari Golden Petals is always happy, loves to smile, and loves to celebrate anything. Her head, arms, and legs are all movable, and she can adorably fit in the palm of your hand. She comes with a cute pet lady bug that she loves to bring around with her on her many adventures, a flower pot, a cake, and a large flower that fits perfectly around her wrist. Her accessories match her personality which she uses to celebrate different things, and uses to throw parties. Collect the other Mini Lalaloopsy Dolls to complete your collection. Available on

For ages 4 years and up