LEGO Duplo Garbage Truck


You can purchase the LEGO Duplo Garbage Truck at

If your kids are slowly becoming more interested in building blocks then you should think about getting them a LEGO Duplo playset. LEGO Duplo playsets are just like any ordinary Lego set except instead of ordinary Legos they use larger LEGO pieces. This makes it easier for your kids to grab, build, and play with any of the Lego Duplo sets.

The LEGO Duplo Garbage Truck is for kids’ ages 2 – 5 and is $19.99 MSRP. With the Lego Duplo Garbage truck you can clean, dump, and transport garbage with ease. Just load up your useless blocks onto the truck and drive the truck to a spot where you can dump your garbage! The tipping feature on the truck makes it easier to load and dump your garbage wherever you would like. The world of Lego Duplo is waiting for all those creative new builders to help make the Lego world a cooler and cleaner place!

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