Ionix Dragon 2 Stormfly Nadder


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It looks like Spin Master is jumping in and making their very own How To Train Your Dragon 2 products. The new Ionix Dragons 2 are building blocks that can be assembled into all of your favorite dragons from the new How To Train Your Dragon movie.

The Nadder is one of the fiercest dragons in Berk. It is loaded with deadly spikes, and can fly at incredible speeds! The Nadder is Asrtid’s dragon of choice and just like Astrid the Nadder is just as stunning as it is dangerous. You can build, pose, and fly your Ionix Dragon 2 Nadder. The Ionix Dragon 2 Stormfly Nadder is $7.99 MSRP and should be kept away from kdis ages 3 and younger. You can build your Nadder and prepare it for combat against the new threats that await it on the magical isle of Berk.


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