Ionix Dragon 2 Toothless Night Fury


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It looks like Spin Master is jumping in and making their very own How To Train Your Dragon 2 products. The new Ionix Dragons 2 are building blocks that can be assembled into all of your favorite dragons from the new How To Train Your Dragon movie.

When it comes to the How To Train Your Dragon movie series the first character that anyone will usually think of is Toothless. Not only is Toothless the most well known character in the movie, but he is also one of my favorite characters in any movie I have ever seen. Toothless is intelligent, playful, and creative. This makes him a character that anyone can easily bond with. The Ionix Dragons 2 products have their very own Toothless figure which can be built and shaped into anything you would like. Toothless needs your help to stop the new threats that await him in the magical isle of Berk!

The Ionix Dragons 2 Toothless figure is $7.99 MSRP and should not be in the reach of kids ages 3 and younger.


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