Lego Spider-Trike vs Electro Playset


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I think that it was pretty obvious that once the new Spider-Man movie came out Lego was going to create new Lego Spider-Man playsets. Honestly, I am extremely excited about these new playsets because Spider-Man has always been one of my favorite super heroes of all time. Unlike most of the other popular heroes (superman, batman, or Ironman – yes I included both Marvel and DC Heroes), Peter Parker did not come from a rich family, and he was not born on another planet. He was an average teenager trying to survive his daily routines. This made Peter Parker was one of the easiest heroes to connect with because he lived such a simple life style. So, when Sony announced that they would be remaking the Spider-Man movies I was extremely excited about the movies and all of the awesome products that would follow.

Lego is by far one of my favorite toy companies of all time so when they decide to make new Lego playsets featuring super heroes like Spider-Man I always get excited! The Lego Spider-Trike vs Electro playset comes with 70 Lego pieces, is recommended for kids’ ages 5 – 12, and is $12.99 MSRP. This playset also comes with two minifigures. The only new minifigure in the set is Electro (the Spider-Man minifgigure is the generic Spider-Man minifigure which Lego uses for all of the Spider-Man Lego sets). Electro not only has a printed body, but he also has transparent body parts. This gives Electro a more sleek and unique look. Spider-Man is back and this time he needs your help to take down the evil Electro in the new Lego Spider-Trike vs Electro playset.

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