Transformers Age of Extinction Generations Voyager Class Grimlock Figure

This Dinobot leader is a strong and powerful team member. That is when he uses his incredible force for good! Harness his power to help save the world, or otherwise he has the strength to single handedly decide the fate of the world. This two in one, brown, black, and grey, Grimlock figure is ready for battle always.

Change from robot mode to dino mode easily, and back again. In robot mode this strong warrior holds a battle mace and a double spearpoint weapon. In dino mode he is just as terrifying to his enemies, he becomes a chomping, stomping Tyrannosaurus Rex.

A small setback to this particular action figure is that unlike it’s other Transformer’s Age of Extinction action figures, it takes longer then the usual 6-8 steps to transform him from one mode to the other. Instead he changes in 18 steps. Even still, this exciting Transformers action figure can add nicely to a collection or be a great way for any child who loves the Transformers to recreate scenes from the movies or imagine their own.

For ages 8 and up

Available on for $24.96

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