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You can purchase the Lego Jedi Interceptor at

Finally, Lego has recreated Anakin Skywalker’s Jedi Starfighter, or in this case the Jedi Interceptor. If only Lego had decided to make this playset about a year ago I probably would’ve saved around $30 dollars because like most people I am a very impatient person and I needed to have Anakin’s Starfighter ASAP! So, like any normal person I went on eBay and bought the first Starfighter I saw for around $60. That’s only a 240% increase from the original value! Not bad if I have to say so myself considering that the Lego Jedi Starfighter set #7256 has been out for more than half a decade! Unfortunately, for me I soon learned that Lego was recreating this fighter and I could’ve saved a ton if I had only waited.

The new Lego Jedi Interceptor costs $24.99 MSRP and is recommended for kids’ ages 7-12. The Lego Interceptor comes with two minifugres, 223 Lego pieces, and tons of playable features. Just like the original Starrfighter, the two minifigures that are included in this playset are Anakin Skywalker and R2D2. For the most part, the playable features on the Interceptor and the original Starfighter are relatively the same. The wings and cockpit have hinges that allow you to move certain pieces up and down. The only difference between the Incterceptor and the original Starfighter is the Interceptor has missiles on the bottom of the fighter while the original Starfighter has movable landing gear. Even though I would still recommend the original Starfighter over the new Interceptor I am still happy so see that Lego is still going back and recreating old Lego sets! This gives Lego fans the option of collecting and expanding their Lego collection!

You can purchase the Lego Jedi Interceptor at

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