Frozen Bedding Comforter and Towel


Decorate your child’s world with your favorite Arendelle sister duo/heroines and friends! From the hit Disney animated movie Frozen,  Queen Elsa and Princess Anna can be found on these bed sets (some parts may be sold separately) made for twin sized beds and also on blankets, throws, and beach towels. Not only are these sisters featured on the merchandise but Olaf and Kristoff are seen as well!

For the bedding, the color scheme is mostly purple and pink with occasional floral patterns. On one side of the reversible comforter, Anna and Elsa can be seen posing side by side together while on the other side there is a floral design.  As for the pillow cases, you can find Anna and Elsa on each one separately or with them together on it.

The beach towels feature two different weather climates all made for one purpose, fun in the sun! On one beach towel we see our favorite snowman, Olaf sitting under a beach umbrella with the text “Chillin’ in the sunshine” on the bottom. On the other beach towel we see Princess Anna and Queen Elsa standing together with snowflakes surrounding the edges and the Frozen logo on the bottom.

As for the throws, one throw is purple with portraits of Anna and Elsa in the middle and the other throw contains most of the Frozen cast: Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and Kristoff. There is also a blanket that is lavender colored and displays a smiling Anna in the middle.

If you want to check out how to spruce up your world with some Frozen merchandise, check out our tracker here!

Images of the other items:

FrozenComforter2-nwm FrozenAnnaBlanket-nwm FrozenAnnaandElsa-nwm FrozenOlaf-nwm FrozenTapestry-nwm

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