Frozen: Olaf and Sven Plushies


Looking for a new plushie to snuggle with at night? These Frozen dolls might be what you’re looking for! Coming straight from the realm of Arendelle to your household are your favorite Frozen sidekicks, Sven, the endearing reindeer and the adorable snowman Olaf!

Both plushies come in different sizes and styles so they are fit to meet your needs!

The sizes that Sven can come in are small (11 inches) or medium (16 inches). Sven is a super soft plushie with a shaggy mane and tail and he comes with poseable legs! There is also another Sven plush that comes in a bean form.

Olaf comes in a medium size (10.5 inches) and a large size (18 inches) and this cuddly snowman comes with poseable arms. The medium size Olaf comes with sunglasses and a straw hat and he can also sing, talk and move if you press the button his foot. The large size Olaf does not sing but he is the perfect hugging size!

Alternatively, there is another Olaf plush that can talk and be taken apart just like how he does in the movie. When you pull him apart, he makes silly sounds and if you push his button, he’ll tell you jokes!

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Other images of the plushies:

sven-nwm sven2-nwm sven3-nwm sven4-nwm svenbean-nwm singingolaf-nwm olaf-nwm olaf2-nwm olaf3-nwm olaf4-nwm

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