Minecraft Medium Plush Assortment

Minecraft Medium Plush MSRP $19.99

Are you Minecraft fans out there ready for the cutest, yet deadliest toy ever? The new Minecraft Medium Plush characters are a mix of adorable and dangerous! These plush figures are the exact copy of some of the most popular enemies in the Minecraft universe. These figures include the creeper, zombie, Enderman, and skeleton. You can collect each plush figure and increase your collection of Minecraft monsters!

Minecraft Medium Plush Assortment

This assortment of plush characters has everything that a true Minecraft fan could want. Each plush is an accurate representation of some of the most common enemies that any intrepid Minecraft explorer might encounter in the game. The nefarious Creeper, the mindless zombie, the undead skeleton, and the elusive Enderman are all available in plush form. These soft and adorable versions of these popular hostile characters are a great addition to any Minecraft collection. Collect them all!

SRP: $19.99

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