Minecraft Large Plush Ghast


Does anyone here recognize the saying “Big is always better”? Sometimes that is not always the case, but when it comes to toys big is always better because in a kids eyes you can never have too much in one toy! The new Minecraft Large Plush Ghast is perfect for any Minecraft fan who can never have too much in one toy. The Ghast are deadly floating creatures that spit out huge fireballs at their opponents. But in this case your Large Plush Ghast is not going to shoot larger fireballs at you. These toys are better for squishing and squeezing rather than bashing and trashing.

Cuddle up with this dangerous and aggressive denizen of the Minecraft Nether. With this plush Ghast in your possession there is no need to explore the depths of the Minecraft world or avoid deadly fireballs to find these incredible flying creatures. With high quality pixilated embroidered detail and soft plush material this large plush character is perfect for squeezing rather than scaring.

SRP: $34.99

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