LeapFrog’s LeapBand


Encouraging children to be more active and to instill healthy habits has never been easier with LeapFrog’s latest educational product. Made for children ages 4-7, the LeapBand ($39.99) is an activity tracker that is shaped like a watch so that children can conveniently bring their LeapBand everywhere with them.  The LeapBand is water resistant and has a rechargeable battery so it’s made for long lasting play in any environment.

With the LeapBand, children are given a choice from eight pets (panda, unicorn, cat, penguin, monkey, dog, robot, or dragon) that they can customize in name and color. The pet that the child chooses will become their partner in the child’s physical activities and health conscious endeavors.

The LeapBand comes with various games that motivate the child (such as “Wiggle like a worm!”) to get active and move around. The child’s movement is tracked by the LeapBand and the child is rewarded with points that they can redeem to further enhance their LeapBand experience.

Aside from the physical component of the LeapBand, children learn healthy habits by feeding their pet healthy foods which is followed up by nutrition facts.

The LeapBand comes in three colors: green, blue, or pink. There are audio instructions for children who are still learning to read.

If you’re interested in checking out the LeapBand, click here!

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