Trash Pack Junk Truck Playset Hands On Review

When it comes to anything dirty the Trash Pack toys are number one! These creepy little critters are starting to flood the streets and dirty up our homes. So, it’s time to take out the trash with the Trash Pack Junk Truck playset. The Junk Truck playset is no ordinary vehicle. This truck can grab, squish, and load all of your trashie characters all at once! The Junk Truck playset comes with one Junk Truck vehicle, two exclusive trashies, and tons of fun playable features! These playable features include a claw which can grab you trahie characters and place them into their garabe cans, a compactor whcih can squish your trahies, and a junk bin which can store and launch trashies characters! When the garbage gets going the Junk Truck is on its way to pick up the mess!

Video Review:

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