Boomer Dino


Do you want to see a dinosaur come to life? If you do you should check out Dino by Spin Master! Spin Master has created a dinosaur named Dino that runs on two feet! Dino has many cool features like guard mode.

What’s better than a guard dog? A guard Dino! He runs around balancing on two feet, chomping and whipping his tail. Play with him in autonomous mode via the sensors in his nose, or pick up the control pod to send him on attack and put him in guard mode. Although Dino appears aggressive at first, he also has a softer side, protecting his friends and sometimes even busting a dance move. He has all different moods and will show them to you with his color changing eyes.
Guard Dino by day, party Dino by night.

Ages 5+
Suggested Retail Price: $99.99
Available: Fall 2014

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