Nerf Zombie Strike Sidestrike Blaster

Zombie sidestrike

During the zombie apocalypse you want to make sure that you pack light and use your storage as effectively as possible. The new Nerf Zombie Strike Sidestrike Blaster is a hand dandy little which has a holster that can store your darts! This is the very first of its kind in the Nerf universe, and because it has the ability to store darts it will allow the user to carry more vital supplies! Sometimes bigger is not always better especially when it comes to carrying around supplies, so the new Nerf Zombie Strike Sidestrike Blaster maybe your weapon of choice!

(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $14.99/Available: Spring 14)
The ZOMBIE STRIKE SIDESTRIKE blaster is the first NERF blaster with a holster for dart and blaster storage, leaving hands free to carry supplies and post-zombie invasion gear. The quick-draw blaster possesses NERF ELITE performance, firing ZOMBIE STRIKE darts up to 75 feet. The included holster is also compatible with the NERF FIRESTRIKE blaster, sold separately. Comes with six ZOMBIE STRIKE darts. Available at most major retailers nationwide and

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