Nerf Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow

Zombie Crossfire Bow

When it comes to the zombie invasion the weapon in your hand is the key to your fate! Guns can be too heavy and too loud, so weapons like the crossbow are a must have during the zombie apocalypse. With the new Nerf Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow you can stop the zombie herd without ever being detected! This crossbow features an easy pull back trigger system, and comes equipped with four darts. The zombie infection may be growing quickly, but with the new Nerf Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow you can easily take out the zombie threat!

(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $19.99/Available: Spring 14)
Protect your human allies with the ZOMBIE STRIKE CROSSFIRE bow, which brings iconic crossbow action to the NERF line for the first time in almost twenty years! Boasting 75 foot ELITE distance, superior accuracy and authentic pull-back firing action, the CROSSFIRE bow is a great asset in the human zombie struggle. Crossbow features front-loading firing capability and comes complete with four NERF ZOMBIE STRIKE darts. Available at most major retailers nationwide and

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