Lego Mixels Krader, Seismo, and Shuff


The Mixels are the new Lego toys that are easy to collect and fun to build! Krader, Seismo, and Shuff are some of the cool new Mixel figures you can collect! Each Mixel character can be built over and over again to form the perfect little critter. Also, if you collect all three Mixels you can create an ultimate Mixels character. These new Mixel figures bring out the best of Lego and makes building a fun experience that any Lego fan can appreciate! With the new Lego Mixel figures you can build and re-build your little critters until you have the perfect Lego Mixel figure!


Where to buy:
You can purchase Krader here
You can purchase Seismo here
You can purchase Shuff here

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