Zelfs Toadstool Twirl-n-Swing Playset Hands On Review


Are you ready for a spin in the Zelfs Toadstool Twirl-n-Swing playset? Ribbita is ready to kick back and take a lovely swing in this Zelfs playset! The Zelfs Toadstool Twirl-n-Swing playset comes with one swing, one Zelf, one Charm, and One Leaflet. This playset is $17.99 MSRP and is recommended for kids ages five and up.

The Toadstool Twirl-n-Swing playset is easy to use and fun to play with. All it takes to send your Zelfs on a crazy swinging adventure is one twirl! Place your hand on the cap of the Toadstool playset and give it one good spin and watch as your Zelfs and their luscious hair fly around and around until the swing comes to a stop. Ribbita is looking for some new companions to love and swing with, so what are you waiting for? The Zelfs Toadstool Twirl-n-Swing playset is just one twirl away!

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