Ionix Pokémon Evolution Pack

Evolution may take forever, but now Ionix has created the Pokémon Evolution Pack. This pack will help you build your Pokémon from stage one to stage three! Now you can train your Pokémon and build it up to be the best!


Training a Pokémon requires a great deal of patience and skill, but now it is easy with the Pokémon Evolution Pack from IONIX. This incredibly unique construction set contains everything you will need to build and evolve your favorite Pokémon through all three stages of evolution! Use a variety of innovative IONIX shapeshifting bricks to take your Pokémon from its most basic form through 3 stages of evolution. And because IONIX bricks are compatible with all major construction brands you can take your Pokémon evolutions even further! The Evolution Packs feature such iconic Pokémon as Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. With these incredible sets you can train and build your favorite Pokémon from basic to EPIC!

Age: 6+

Price: $19.99

Video from NY Toy Fair 2013:

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