New York Toy Fair 2014 Barbie Dolls

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Barbie is back and ready to show off her new styles! All of the new Barbie dolls have a ton of different clothes and accessories that your kids can use to style their Barbie doll into whatever they would like! But Barbie is not the only one who is getting a new makeover. Barbie’s friends also have tons of great new accessories and clothes that will help complete any Barbie collection!

Barbie® Endless Curls™ Doll

SRP: $24.99 | Ages 5+ years | Available: June 2014
• Barbie® always delivers the very best in hair play and this year is no exception
• For the irst time ever, you can curl and straighten Barbie®’s entire head of hair!
• With three different types of no-heat curling tools (two irons and a set of traditional rollers) girls can easily create countless styling possibilities, transforming Barbie®’s hair without heat or water
• Additional styling accessories include a brush, two barrettes and label-art rubber bands.

Barbie® Iron-On Style™ Doll

SRP: $19.99 | Ages 5+ years | Available: Now
• Once again, Barbie® doll proves fashion is all about fun – and it’s even more fun when you’re the designer!
• The Barbie® Iron-On Style™ doll comes with the fashions and tools girls can use to create their own printed t-shirts.
• With three tops, two skirts, one jacket and 30 decals, girls can mix and match styles, colors and fun!
• Includes Barbie® doll, iron, dress form, three decal sheets, three tops, two skirts, one vest, one pair of shoes and a fab necklace.

Barbie® Sparkle Studio™ Doll

SRP: $24.99 | Ages 3+ years | Available: June 2014
• Add sparkle to your world! With the Sparkle Studio™ doll, girls can glitter and glam up Barbie® doll’s wardrobe to make it really shine.
• The set comes with the tools to allow easy customization in three simple steps.
• Choose a design and a fashion – one dress, two tops and two skirts are included!
• Use the transfer tool to apply the adhesive paper design to the fashion – the set comes with three patterned adhesive papers! Remove the plastic cover, and use one of the two reillable glitter pens to
cover the design with pink or silver glitter. Swipe away the excess glitter with the brush for an amazing look every time!

Barbie™ The Pearl Princess Lumina® Doll

SRP: $19.99 | Ages 3+ years | Available: Now
• In new DVD Barbie™ The Pearl Princess, Barbie® stars as a mermaid princess with a magical power over pearls!
• Recreate her magical transformation from mermaid to mermaid princess, with this doll, who changes her look with the press of a button.
• To add to the drama, her hair changes color in water, with pink streaks appearing and disappearing.

Barbie® Style Core Dolls Assortment

SRP: $19.99 | Ages 5+ years | Available: Now
• Always delivering on-trend fashion play, Barbie® doll and her BBFFs – Barbie® best friends forever – take street style to new heights of haute!
• Choose from four unique looks and identify with which style you like best!
• Mix and match among the friends and fashions (sold separately) to create your own personalized style – just like in real life. Then strike an excellent fashion pose!

Barbie® Potty Training Taffy: Barbie Doll and Pet Playset

SRP: $19.99 | Ages: 3+ years | Available: Now
• Barbie® shows how much she loves her pets by taking good care of them. With the Barbie® Potty Training Taffy!™, girls can help Barbie® feed and clean up after her dog. Taffy® actually poops!
• The set includes Barbie® doll and her sweet dog, Taffy®, complete with dog-food-toting pack; a doggie food dish with treats; a pooper scooper; trash can; and additional themed accessories!

The Barbie® Look® Doll Assortment

SRP: $19.99 | Ages 14+ years | Available: Now
• Mirroring the very best in red carpet fashion, Barbie® makes the best dressed list with a line-up of pink carpet ready outits!
• Choose from a gorgeous gold gown, a draped one-shoulder dress in a sea foam green, an elegant hot pink mermaid silhouette and an electric metallic blue jumpsuit.
• With glamorous details, like rich fabrics, fabulous shoes and statement jewelry, these trendsetters are ready for a fabulous evening out, whether heading to a party, a gala, movie premiere –
or all three!

Barbie® Loves Girl Scouts Assortment

SRP: $12.99 | Ages 3+ years | Available: August 2014
• These keepsake dolls wear Girl Scout-inspired uniforms with Barbie® signature style (meaning plenty of pink touches!).
• Sweet accessories include a Girl Scout sash with badges, iconic Girl Scouts beret, and a handy tote bag with Girl Scout messaging.
• A pretty ponytail and fabulous boots complete the scout-acular look!

Barbie® Entrepreneur

SRP: $12.99 | Ages 3+ years | Available: June 2014
• After 150 + careers Barbie® doll has inally decided to start a business of her own!
• Her “smartphone,” tablet and briefcase are the tools of her trade and always by her side.
• Ready for the next big pitch, Barbie® Entrepreneur doll wears a sophisticated dress in signature pink that features modern color blocking and a sleek silhouette.
• Luxe details, like a glam necklace, cool clutch and elegant hairstyle, are smart, professional touches.

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