Chatsters Gabby Doll


Have you ever wanted a toy that acts like a BFF? If you have now you can get Gabby! Gabby is a colorful, lovable, funny, and bubbly talking doll! She loves to interact with you and can move and think! You can also download an app to play, text, and find hidden features about Gabby!

Gabby is funny, bubbly, smart, and isn’t afraid to be a little silly sometimes. She can interact with you in tons of different ways with the accessories included like her chocolate cupcake, eye shadow palette, and her pet puppy, Sprinkles. Gabby loves listening to music! Play her one of your favorite songs, and she’ll start dancing along. The best part about Gabby is that she always wants to get to know you better: What’s your favorite pizza topping? Do you like dinosaurs or unicorns? You can let her know by simply touching her glasses. You can unlock bonus interactions using the Chatsters mobile app, like talking to her on the phone. Pretty soon she’ll know you better than anyone else – just like a real BFF!

Age: 4+
Suggested Retail Price: $79.99
Available Fall 2014!

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