MOSS Robot Construction System


Looking to get more in touch with your technical side? With Modular Robotics’ MOSS (Ages 8+) Robot Construction System, you can create your own moving robots! This product is a hands on experience for kids who love to assemble things. These robots have the capabilities to walk and to respond to things such as light and sound. For the actual construction of a MOSS robot, each set will come with its own color code system and colors will appear on the faces of the blocks. Each color will represent a different function. For example, a yellow face might indicate that the function of the block is to send power while a blue face might represent sending data. Once you correctly match the colored blocks together, you just snap the pieces in place and you will have yourself a functioning robot.

Robots can be made through two kits, the MOSS Basic Builder Kit ($149.95) is great for beginners and allows you to create simple robots that drive and move. With this set, you can control your robot with an infrared distance sensor.

If you want to get more complex, the second kit is the MOSS Advanced Builder Kit ($399.95) and this kit definitely expands your robotic capabilities beyond just moving back and forth. Some examples of the possible robots that you can create with this set include a robot car, an interactive crane, and a robot that responds to sound.

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