The Simpsons™ House LEGO set


D’oh! Your favorite animated American sitcom can now be found in LEGO form! Check out this awesome The Simpsons™ House LEGO set ($199.99) featuring the iconic family from Springfield, the Simpsons. The mini-figurines included in this set are Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson, Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Maggie Simpson, and their neighbor, Ned Flanders.

In this LEGO collectible, you get a LEGO replica of the actual Simpsons™ house! The house is two stories with the family bedrooms and bathroom on the second floor and the kitchen and living room on the first floor just like in the show. Open the roof on the LEGO Simpsons™ house to look at the interior of their home and to recreate memorable scenes from the show.

On the first floor, the living room features a television with the infamous Itchy and Scratchy show playing on the screen, the notable family couch that is seen in every Simpsons intro, and a staircase decorated with assorted family photos. The kitchen is filled with yellow and blue tiles, a stove, oven, sink, drawers, a dining table, four chairs, and various kitchen accessories.

On the second floor, Homer and Marge’s family bedroom contains a bed with two side drawers, and Marge’s bag. Next to their bedroom is Maggie’s room where her crib is located. Bart’s room has a bed, night lamp, a desk, a Krusty the Clown poster, a skateboard, and a shelf. Lisa’s room consists of a vanity mirror, bed, stool, table, shelves, a jazz poster, and her backpack. Between the bedrooms is the bathroom which contains a shower, toilet, sink, and mirror.

A detachable garage comes along with this Simpsons™ House LEGO set where Homer keeps his family car. The family car is made for four figurines and has a dent in the front along with an opening trunk for Homer’s suitcase.

Other accessories included in this set are a barbeque grill, a ramp for Bart’s skateboard, a mailbox, garden tools, a wheelbarrow, and Ned Flanders’ air conditioning unit.

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