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NYTF 2013 Toy Photos

New York Toy Fair 2013 photos from many vendors like Mattel, Spin Master, Habro and many more…


The Simpsons™ House LEGO set


D’oh! Your favorite animated American sitcom can now be found in LEGO form! Check out this awesome The Simpsons™ House LEGO set ($199.99) featuring the iconic family from Springfield, the Simpsons. The mini-figurines included in this set are Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson, Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Maggie Simpson, and their neighbor, Ned Flanders.

In this LEGO collectible, you get a LEGO replica of the actual Simpsons™ house! The house is two stories with the family bedrooms and bathroom on the second floor and the kitchen and living room on the first floor just like in the show. Open the roof on the LEGO Simpsons™ house to look at the interior of their home and to recreate memorable scenes from the show.

On the first floor, the living room features a television with the infamous Itchy and Scratchy show playing on the screen, the notable family couch that is seen in every Simpsons intro, and a staircase decorated with assorted family photos. The kitchen is filled with yellow and blue tiles, a stove, oven, sink, drawers, a dining table, four chairs, and various kitchen accessories.

On the second floor, Homer and Marge’s family bedroom contains a bed with two side drawers, and Marge’s bag. Next to their bedroom is Maggie’s room where her crib is located. Bart’s room has a bed, night lamp, a desk, a Krusty the Clown poster, a skateboard, and a shelf. Lisa’s room consists of a vanity mirror, bed, stool, table, shelves, a jazz poster, and her backpack. Between the bedrooms is the bathroom which contains a shower, toilet, sink, and mirror.

A detachable garage comes along with this Simpsons™ House LEGO set where Homer keeps his family car. The family car is made for four figurines and has a dent in the front along with an opening trunk for Homer’s suitcase.

Other accessories included in this set are a barbeque grill, a ramp for Bart’s skateboard, a mailbox, garden tools, a wheelbarrow, and Ned Flanders’ air conditioning unit.

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The Lego Movie


About a week ago I went to the AMC theater to watch catching fire. Although I went in super psyched to watch Katniss Everdeen shoot some more tributes with her bow my attention was also drawn to one of the trailers. The Lego Movie trailer caught my attention because, even though I seem a little out of date for this movie, it made me laugh and for a Lego movie it seemed quite interesting. The Lego Movie is scheduled to be released on February 9, 2014. So, I guess I know what my plans will be on February 9th! In this movie we will be following a young Lego hero named Emmet. Emmet has been mistaken as the last living master builder. On his journey he will face all sorts of challenges an make new friends like Vitruvius and Wyldstyle. With the help of imagination and his all new friends Emmet may stand a chance against the evil Lord Business and stop his plans from destroying the Lego universe.

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LEGO Ninjago Sets


LEGO is back with seven new sets from their hit series, Ninjago.

The Ninjago Hover Hunter ($11.99) set features Ninja Cole who is being chased down on the Hover Hunter by an evil Nindroid. The Hover Hunter is a fearsome vehicle that consists of claw clamps, spinning saw blades, laser flick missiles, and an adjustable seatbelt. Guide Cole through the Hover Hunter’s attacks! Both Cole and Nindroid come with their own weapons. Help Ninja Cole fight back with his green Techno-blade while the Nindroid defends with his attack blades.

The Ninjago Kai Fighter ($19.99) is a red and gold Ninja Fighter that Ninja Kai has transformed in order to battle General Cryptor! The Kai Fighter is capable of firing two gold-tipped flick missiles, adjustable wings to control speed, wing blades to fight off enemies, and a cockpit for one pilot. Watch Ninja Kai and General Cryptor’s showdown as Ninja Kai uses his red Techno-blade against General Cryptor’s rocket launcher and two swords.

The Ninjago Thunder Raider ($29.99) doesn’t only include Ninja Jay and his blue Thunder Raider but also Ninja Cole and his gold Earth Mech. In this playset, Ninja Jay and Ninja Cole team up in their Ninjago vehicles to fend off the evil Nindroid’s double laser cannon. Jay’s Thunder Raider can change from an attacking mode to a mobile one, allowing him to move across rough terrain. You can attach the Earth Mech to the back of the Thunder Raider so both Jay and Cole can reach the enemy battlefield together. Detach the Earth Mech from the Thunder Raider so both vehicles can attack at once! The Earth Mech has golden sword blasters while the Thunder Raider can shoot missiles. This set comes with three figurines, Ninja Cole, Jay, and a Nindroid.

The Ninjago NinjaCopter ($59.99) is a white, blue, and gold vehicle that was made for aerial combat. In this set, join Zane, who is half robot and half ninja and wields a blue Techno-blade, and Pixal who carries a spike blade on their aerial assault against the Nindroids. The NinjaCopter consists of a cockpit for one pilot, rotating propellers and rear jet engines, flick missiles, lasers, cannons, and a prison cell. On the enemy side, the set includes two Nindroids with jet fighters that contain adjustable cockpits, saw blades, and detachable gliders that the Nindroids could use to land on the NinjaCopter!

The Ninjago Nindroid MechDragon ($89.99) is a deadly mechanical foe for the Ninjago crew who is trying to escape from its clutches. Sensei Wu has defected to the enemy side so Sensei Garmadon and Lloyd are trying to escape with the Techno-blade in their car while being chased by the MechDragon and General Cryptor! Aside from its fierce dragon claws, wing blades, cannon, rocket launcher, and whipping tail, the MechDragon has many other utilities as well making it a difficult escape for Garmadon and Lloyd. Sensei Garmadon and Lloyd’s car has a flickable missile and laser cannons to counter the MechDragon’s large arsenal of weapons. In this set, you also receive five minifigurines with weapons: Sensei Garmadon with his staff, Lloyd with his Techno-blade, Sensei Wu with his staff, General Cryptor with his swords, and a Nindroid.

The Ninjago Destructoid ($34.99) is a vehicle piloted by the evil General Cryptor who is chasing Zane for his Techno-blade. The Destructoid is true to its name as it has a large rotating saw blade in one hand and a sword with a shield in the other. The Destructoid’s defenses include frontal blades, lasers, and a disc shooter. Its treads are perfect for all-terrain travel which makes it all the more formidable opponent. This set comes with three minifigurines: Zane, General Cryptor, and a Mindroid.

The Ninjago OverBorg Attack ($19.99) is a playset that features Cyrus Borg/OverBorg and Lloyd. OverBorg is trying to capture the Green Ninja, Lloyd, with his all-terrain motorbike that is equipped with saw blades, lasers, and swords. Lloyd plans his escape with his green motorbike that has golden blades attached at the sides. This set comes with a mini ramp so Lloyd’s green bike can jump over OverBorg for a clean escape!

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