Once Upon a Zombie Dolls


Who would have thought that zombies and princesses go so well together? Your favorite fairytale princesses are now part of the undead in the Once Upon a Zombie collection which features Rapunzel, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, and Belle.

Once Upon a Zombie Sleeping Beauty‘s haunting look features a purple cape and hues of blue on her dress. Each layer of her dress is shredded giving her a gruesome effect. Clearly, being a zombie takes nothing away from her beauty.

Once Upon a Zombie Rapunzel comes with her iconic long hair in a braid and she has on a long purple dress with fishnet like material wrapped around her arms and skirt. Stitches can be seen on both sides of her mouth.

Once Upon a Zombie Mermaid‘s outfit is exactly what you expect it to be: a pink seashell bikini top with a long purple skirt that has pink stars on it. The skirt is made to look like she has a mermaid tail.

Once Upon a Zombie Cinderella is not longer the princess dressed in cinders. Her zombie ball gown is a bright pink with rips and tears at the bottom. Even as a zombie, Cinderella is still as eye catching as ever.

Once Upon a Zombie Snow White may not have her fair white skin anymore but her lips are still a bright and vibrant red. Although her yellow and blue dress is torn at the arms, Snow White is still the fairest zombie princess of them all.

Once Upon a Zombie Belle stays true to her name and is alluring in her bright red and gold dress. Half of her sleeve is missing but that doesn’t take away from her chilling look.

Each Once Upon a Zombie doll comes with big, beautiful glass eyes, ghoulish grey skin, and stitches on their face. In addition, each doll comes with a free downloadable app where you can create your own zombiegrams. With this app, you can transform you and your friends into beautiful zombies and share your photos online!

What are you waiting for? These dolls are dying to be a part of your collection! Check them out with our tracker here!



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