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Ever After High Legacy Day Dolls


The Ever After High fairytale princesses are back in exquisite and lavish outfits in the Ever After High Legacy Day collection. The Legacy Day collection features the lovely Apple White, the stunning Briar Beauty, and the ravishing Raven Queen.

Apple White carries on her mother’s legacy on this day dressed in a beautiful floor-length gown and cape. Her red skirt adds a pop of color to her white bodice and white cape and she further accentuates her outfit with red ribbons and a red ring. On her head is a golden crown with a white and red headpiece attached to it. She carries a white purse with a red ribbon decorated on it and on her feet are a pair of pearl colored heels.

Briar Beauty also wears a floor-length gown and cape but her look is much more edgy compared to Apple White’s. Following a black and bright pink scheme, Briar Beauty’s outfit appears to be alluring yet dark. The top half of her dress is pink while the bottom half is a mixture of black and pink. You can see the briar thorn design spread out across her cape, heels, and at the bottom of her skirt. Briar Beauty lives up to her name by wearing a crown with roses decorated across it and a pink rose-shaped purse.

The Raven Queen looks spelltacular in her royal purple and black outfit. She has shimmering colorful feathers on her floor-length cape and a luxurious silver headpiece on her head. Although the Raven Queen isn’t wearing a dress like her companions, her purple top and bottom along with her daring black peep-toe heels creates a fabulous look.

All dolls come with their own doll stand, hair brush, and a book used to store their accessories.

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Ever After High Getting Fairest Dolls


The Royals and Rebels have just discovered a new holiday at Ever After High to spellebrate! Help the Ever After High girls get ready for True Hearts Day by preparing them to be their fairest!  Briar Beauty, Apple White, Madeline Hatter, and Raven Queen need help to be the fairest of them all in The Ever After High Getting Fairest collection.

Briar Beauty needs help choosing a pair of sunglasses! Dressed in her pink sleepwear with her signature briar thorn design and pink slippers, she has two sunglasses to choose from: one that is pink all over and one that has black frames but is decorated with a pink design on the top.

Apple White is in her red pearl-printed top and pink sleeping robe as she fusses over which crown to wear for True Hearts Day. Should she go for the traditional gold crown that has a red gem in the middle or for a pink one with a heart in the middle? Help her decide!

Madeline Hatter is having trouble deciding which tea-rific hat makes her look the fairest! In her tea party patterned top and blue cardigan, Madeline does not know which hat is best. She currently has on a golden teapot headband but can choose a blue heart shaped top hat headband or a black and purple headband.

The Raven Queen plans her accessories for True Hearts Day as she listens to her mirrorpod in her purple sleepwear with a raven print all over it and a purple night robe. She has two collars to choose from: one that is lavender and one that is silver.

Each doll comes with their own hairbrush, their own ornate vanity with shelves to store their accessories and a compact mirror to see whether each girl is the fairest of them all.

The Ever After High Getting Fairest collection also includes two additional sets (dolls are sold separately) that will add on to the dressing room experience.

The Ever After High Getting Fairest Apple White Fainting Couch Accessory features a red, white and gold detailed couch that has a crown shaped canopy made for Apple White. You can tell who it belongs to based on the “AW” monogrammed pillow that sits on the couch. On this couch Apple White can put on her black framed glasses and surf the internet or open the drawer under the couch to store her blanket and accessories. There’s a secret compartment in the couch if you turn the apple that’s attached to the arm of the couch.

The Ever After High Getting Fairest Raven Queen Destiny Vanity Accessory features a huge purple vanity that is designed with the Raven Queen’s signature colors of silver, black and purple. The bulletin boards on her desk are elaborately decorated with various photos and papers. Also, her vanity has a model head that is perfect to store her headpieces and a hidden keyboard that can only be revealed by spinning her bulletin boards.

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Monster High Ghoul Spirit Doll Collection


How much ghoul spirit do you have? It’s time to show your ghoul spirit at Monster High with your favorite characters! Frankie Stein, Sloman “Slo Mo” Mortavitch, Spectra Vondergeist, and Venus McFlytrap are ready to express their Monster High pride in their ghoul spirit attire.

Frankie Stein is dressed up in a blue and black color scheme with a plaid schoolgirl outfit. She sports two different colored heels, one blue and one black to emphasize her ghoul pride. On her hand she carries a huge foam hand to support who she thinks is number one!

Don’t assume that just because Sloman “Slo Mo” Mortavitch is in casual attire means that he’s not full of energy to cheer on Monster High! His purple t-shirt has the Monster High logo centered on it and he pairs his top off with a pair of long jean shorts and some casual black sneakers. He shows more of his ghoul spirit by carrying a red and black flag in his hand.

Spectra Vondergeist looks like the perfect ghoul spirit cheerleader as she carries a red and white pom pom to cheer her favorite team on. She chooses to match the Monster High logo on her shirt by wearing a red skirt with a chain pattern on it. Adding on to her vibrant red look, she wears red chain link stilettos that adds a pop to her outfit.

Venus McFlytrap makes sure that everyone can hear what team she’s cheering for with her blue bullhorn. Aside from the enthusiasm she stirs with her voice, Venus McFlytrap’s outfit is definitely made to entice her audience. She has vines not only around her wrists but also on her pink heels. The unique thing about her Monster High t-shirt is that it has a vine-like design on it which is also replicated on her skirt.

Note: These dolls cannot stand on their own.

The Monster High Ghoul Spirit Doll collection does not have an exact release date yet (release is estimated to be in Spring 2014) so if you’re interested, keep an eye on these dolls with our tracker here!




Monster High Frights, Camera, Action! Playset Collection


Frights, camera, action! The Monster High girls are bringing their glamorous fashion sense to the Hauntlywood Black Carpet Premiere. Join Cleo de Nile, Clawdeen Wolf, Draculaura, and Lagoona Blue in the new Monster High Frights, Camera, Action! set as they head down the black carpet in their killer outfits.

You can’t miss Cleo de Nile’s Egyptian inspired outfit as she carries a golden scarab purse along with golden snake heels. Her golden accessories are paired off with a  blue dress with swirls and a sparkling hem. Cleo de Nile looks like an Egyptian goddess with her golden tiara and golden belt.

Clawdeen Wolf shows up to the party in a striking purple and black dress that has a pink ruffled hem at the bottom of it. She completes this dark look with a purple moon shaped purse and contrasting golden colors seen in her high-heels, belt, earclip, and neckpiece.

Lagoona Blue’s premiere party dress choice is filled with both bright and dark colors. Her dress is a mixture of blue, pink, and black and the pattern on her dress resembles starfishes. Her pearly pink shoes accentuates the rest of her black accessories: black headpiece, black jellyfish shaped purse, and a layered black necklace.

Draculaura enters the Black Carpet Premiere with iconic dark pink and black colors, a spin-off Dracula’s red and black theme. Her black dress is paired off with patterns of bats and at the bottom there is pink tulle to contrast the colors, giving her a grungy look. Aside from her black earrings and necklace, Draculaura sticks to a pink lip-shaped purse, a pink belt, and edgy pink heels.

If you want to follow these fashionistas on their journey to the Black Carpet, the Monster High Frights, Camera, Action! collection also includes (each one sold separately) the Monster High Frights, Camera, Action! Black Carpet and the Monster High Frights, Camera, Action! Dressing Room.

Help the girls prepare for their Hauntlywood debut with the Dressing Room Playset which contains a vanity with two mirrors and two director chairs for the girls to do their makeup. You can put a hairbrush, perfume, and other beauty related products on the vanity. What’s cool about this playset is that you can even remove the mirror on the vanity and use it for your own!

If you want to get right to business, the Black Carpet Playset allows you to recreate the Black Carpet experience. Nothing says VIM (very important monster) like stanchions to create the runway and a podium to announce our VIMs arrivals and fashion. This set additionally comes with a quilted seat, a table for refreshments, and a display case.

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Monster High New Scaremester Clawdeen Wolf, Catrine DeMew, and Jinafire Long Fashion Doll


Are you ready for the new scaremester? Watch out for these three notoriously fierce trendsetting girls in the upcoming scaremester! The Monster High series by Mattel is back with their three fashionable and scaretastic dolls: Clawdeen Wolf, Catrine DeMew, and Jinafire Long. These fashionistas are back this scaremester with new jaw-dropping outfits that will make the whole school envious.

Clawdeen Wolf sports her new back to school outfit in a sparkly green animal print dress with a purple ruffled hem at the bottom. She pairs her dress up with a classic black jacket, black lace up boots, and contrasts the dark colors with her golden belt and a gold and black bag, giving it a pop of color.

Catrine DeMew is nothing short of a purr-fectionist when it comes to fashion as she dons a blue scarf to match her fitted striped black dress. Catrine has an eye for detail as she accessorizes her outfit with a pink bag, lavender heels, bangles, and of course, a cute black bow on her tail to complete the look.

Jinafire Long enters the new scaremester with a bang by wearing bold green and red colors. Her outfit is influenced by her Chinese culture: shiny red pants, a red Chinese fan shaped purse, a jade bangle, red lantern earrings, and jade colored heels with jade dragons on the heel! To balance out her shimmering bright red pants, she wears a tie-dye colored shirt with gold and black embroidery.

Each doll comes with their own signature hairbrush, character-specific diary, folder, and doll stand.

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Collectable Action Figures From New York Comic Con 2013

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DC Comic Action Figures – New York Comic Con 2013


Once Upon a Zombie Dolls


Who would have thought that zombies and princesses go so well together? Your favorite fairytale princesses are now part of the undead in the Once Upon a Zombie collection which features Rapunzel, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, and Belle.

Once Upon a Zombie Sleeping Beauty‘s haunting look features a purple cape and hues of blue on her dress. Each layer of her dress is shredded giving her a gruesome effect. Clearly, being a zombie takes nothing away from her beauty.

Once Upon a Zombie Rapunzel comes with her iconic long hair in a braid and she has on a long purple dress with fishnet like material wrapped around her arms and skirt. Stitches can be seen on both sides of her mouth.

Once Upon a Zombie Mermaid‘s outfit is exactly what you expect it to be: a pink seashell bikini top with a long purple skirt that has pink stars on it. The skirt is made to look like she has a mermaid tail.

Once Upon a Zombie Cinderella is not longer the princess dressed in cinders. Her zombie ball gown is a bright pink with rips and tears at the bottom. Even as a zombie, Cinderella is still as eye catching as ever.

Once Upon a Zombie Snow White may not have her fair white skin anymore but her lips are still a bright and vibrant red. Although her yellow and blue dress is torn at the arms, Snow White is still the fairest zombie princess of them all.

Once Upon a Zombie Belle stays true to her name and is alluring in her bright red and gold dress. Half of her sleeve is missing but that doesn’t take away from her chilling look.

Each Once Upon a Zombie doll comes with big, beautiful glass eyes, ghoulish grey skin, and stitches on their face. In addition, each doll comes with a free downloadable app where you can create your own zombiegrams. With this app, you can transform you and your friends into beautiful zombies and share your photos online!

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Monster High Tie Giveaway

We obtained these from New Your Comic Con 2013 and we would like to send out to two lucky Monster High fans.

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