Rainbow Loom Twistz Bandz


Get your kids in on the latest craze at school! Rainbow Loom Twistz Bandz is a creative arts and crafts project for families that will provide hours of fun. Watch or join your kids as they make their own fashionable bracelets with unique designs in fun colors!
The Rainbow Loom kit is easy to use: just take out your template, get your rubber bands ready, and prepare to let your imagination run wild. This product is great for children of all ages (maybe even adults!) because it has both simple bracelet patterns and more complex/advanced ones. The instruction manual won’t provide you with all the possibilities you can make so get your creative side ready!
Don’t forget that this product isn’t just all fun! Rainbow Loom Twistz Bandz is useful for developing your child’s motor skills because creating each bracelet requires dexterity, thinking, and patience. It will be a rewarding feeling when you see your children’s triumphant face after they conquer those advanced bracelet patterns.
Each Rainbow Loom set comes with two templates for designing, a hook to handle the rubber bands, c-clips to hold the bracelets together, 600+ latex free rubber band pieces, and an instruction manual.
This addictive bracelet kit will provide for endless design possibilities. So check out our Rainbow Loom Twistz Bandz tracker!

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