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My Little Pony Equestria Girls

Are you a fan of the My Little Pony series? if you are then the My Little Pony Equestria Girls are for you! These dolls are great for all My Little Pony Fans because each doll resembles a famous My Little pony character, such as Rainbow Dash or Pinkie Pie, but at the same time have an older teen-like look to them. These dolls come with one pony of your choosing (Rainbow Das, Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, or AppleJack), and tons of accessories to help style your pony. Some of these accessories include a comb, backpack, extra boots, and hair extensions. All of these help you style your pony however you would like! Once you’ve finished styling your pony you can play, decorate, or show off your new pony friend! No matter how old the ponies get they will always be a little girl’s best friend because of their awesome personalities and big, caring hearts!

Price: $24.37

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Xbox One and PlayStation 4


The two hottest gaming consoles of 2013 are almost here! The Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 are the two most anticipated console releases but both systems have their similarities and differences.
The PlayStation 4 (PS4) is a Sony product that is mostly gamer focused and intent on creating the ultimate experience for gamers. Aside from its incredible graphics and speed  (the system is centered around a powerful custom chip that has a state of the art graphics processor), social capabilities  (there’s a share button so you can send your favorite gaming moments to all your friends), second-screen features– (bring your gaming experience to your phone!), and intelligent personalization features (learns about your gaming preferences and gives you suggestions), this system allows for gaming developers to create innovative games and exhilarating experiences.

If you buy a game and it takes time to download, you can download while you play to increase your game time and decrease your down time. Also for the PS4, The DUALSHOCK 4 controller has a touchpad located in the middle of the controller, allowing for a completely new gaming experience.

The Xbox One is a Microsoft product designed to be the best entertainment console and most advanced gaming system. For the Xbox One, performance matters. You waste no time with the Xbox One because the system wakes up instantly with the magic words: “Xbox On.” This voice feature is part of the Kinect that comes with all Xbox Ones. With the Kinect, you get three innovative technologies: voice, motion, and vision. Kinect voice allows for you to command your Xbox from anywhere in the room, Kinect motion creates a unique gaming experience where a simple hand gesture lets you control what you’re doing in a game or on an app, and Kinect vision is a camera that has a wide range of sight and can tell if you’re standing off balance. Combined with these three technologies, you can imagine the gaming possibilities for the Xbox One.

With the Xbox One, there is no need to wait for those game and system updates because they run in the background while you’re doing something else. You can switch between your favorite entertainment apps and the game that you’re playing with ease. The Xbox One also comes with a Blu-ray player so you can watch your favorite movies and play games in HD quality. If that isn’t enough for you, you can enhance your gaming or movie experience with the Xbox SmartGlass app for your tablet or phone.

These consoles are currently selling out everywhere so track the Xbox One here and the PlayStation 4 here to make sure you know when it’s back in stock!




Power Rangers 20 Demo at New York Comic Con 2013

Power Rangers 20 – New York Comic Con 2013 – Part 1

Power Rangers 20 – New York Comic Con 2013 – Part 2


Gears of Wars 3 Collectable Figure and Locust Hammerrurst II From New York Comic Con 2013

Check out Gears of Wars 3 collectable figure and guns from New York Comic Con 2013.


Rainbow Loom Twistz Bandz


Get your kids in on the latest craze at school! Rainbow Loom Twistz Bandz is a creative arts and crafts project for families that will provide hours of fun. Watch or join your kids as they make their own fashionable bracelets with unique designs in fun colors!
The Rainbow Loom kit is easy to use: just take out your template, get your rubber bands ready, and prepare to let your imagination run wild. This product is great for children of all ages (maybe even adults!) because it has both simple bracelet patterns and more complex/advanced ones. The instruction manual won’t provide you with all the possibilities you can make so get your creative side ready!
Don’t forget that this product isn’t just all fun! Rainbow Loom Twistz Bandz is useful for developing your child’s motor skills because creating each bracelet requires dexterity, thinking, and patience. It will be a rewarding feeling when you see your children’s triumphant face after they conquer those advanced bracelet patterns.
Each Rainbow Loom set comes with two templates for designing, a hook to handle the rubber bands, c-clips to hold the bracelets together, 600+ latex free rubber band pieces, and an instruction manual.
This addictive bracelet kit will provide for endless design possibilities. So check out our Rainbow Loom Twistz Bandz tracker!


Super Alloy Collectable Action Figures – New York Comic Con 2013

Super Alloy Drone Collectable Action Figures

Super Alloy Batman, Flash, Green Lantern Collectable Action Figures

Super Alloy Iron Man Collectable Action Figures

Super Alloy Robot Collectable Action Figures


Max Steel Action Figures – New York Comic Con 2013

Max Steel Action Figures at New York Comic Con 2013


Bandai Collectable Figures – New York Comic Con 2013

Bandai Collectable Figures – New York Comic Con 2013

Bandai Collectable Robot Figures – New York Comic Con 2013 – Part 1

Bandai Collectable Robot Figures – New York Comic Con 2013 – Part 2


Ever After High Dolls

Fairy tales don’t only come in books anymore! If you were impressed with Mattel’s Monster High dolls, you won’t be disappointed by their new franchise, the Ever After High dolls. This time, Mattel’s new line of dolls and toys are based after your favorite childhood fairy tales!

However, the Ever After High characters all come with a modern twist: the stories takes place in high school and you follow the lives of the fairy tale princesses’ children! This isn’t your everyday school though, trouble is already brewing as the students gets divided in two categories: the “Royals,” who know they will have happy endings in life, and the “Rebels,” those who don’t get their happy endings and wish to rewrite their endings.

The Ever After High doll collection features “Royal” and “Rebel” characters such as:

Madeline Hatter, a Rebel, the daughter of the Mad Hatter from Alice and Wonderland. She has the iconic colors of the Mad Hatter in her hair and on her outfit and has a teacup hat on her head as well as a teacup bag in her hand.

Apple White, a Royal, the daughter of Snow White from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. She comes with a golden crown on her head and a dress that resembles the one her mother, Snow White, wore. She has apple red heels and an apple shaped bag in her hand.

Briar Beauty, a Royal, the daughter of Briar Rose from Sleeping Beauty. Briar Beauty lives up to her name as she has on a pair of briar thorn tights and shoes. Her outfit is topped off with a black and pink color scheme.

Raven Queen, a Rebel, the daughter of the Evil Queen. She resembles a raven with her black heels, black streaks, black bodice, winged collar, and her dark eyeliner.

The 2-pack set of Ashlynn Ella, a Royal, the daughter of Cinderella from Cinderella and Hunter Huntsman, a Rebel, the son of the Huntsman. Ashlynn Ella has a pair of glass heels on her feet along with a clock face purse while Hunter has a forest-like color scheme of green and brown, resembling his hunting grounds in the forest.

Every doll comes with a doll hairbrush, a stand, and a bookmark that tells their unique stories!

Your Ever After High collection isn’t complete with the Ever After High Secret Hearts Diary which has two-voice activated passwords to keep secrets safe and sound. With this diary, you can read more about both the Royals and the Rebels and you can even write down your own secrets with the quill pen that it comes with!

So which path do you pick? The Royals or the Rebels? Check out our tracker so you can be a part of the Ever After High story.


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