Spike Mic Launcher Hands on Review

Spy gear toys are clever and perfect for any little kid that have always dreamed of becoming a secret agent. One of the new Spy Gear toys that will help your kids achieve their goal of becoming secret agents is the Spike Mic Launcher. This launcher is not just a simple sling shot. The projectile that is being shot out of the sling shot is actually a microphone. This microphone has the ability to pick up very faint noises and conversations in any room. The sticky tip and suction cup tip are great on most flat surfaces. This means that the Spike Mic Launcher will be able to stick to most walls and windows. Overall, this product is fun to use a shoot. It is also extremely fun to turn on the microphone which is attached to the projective and listen to different sounds in certain parts of your home. With the ability to listen to any conversation in any room with just the click of a button is exactly what any spy or secret agent would need to perform his/her secret agent missions!

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